Obama's Priorities

on Friday, June 4, 2010

President Obama promised Americans that the gulf oil spill was his "singular" priority and that it's "what [he] wakes up to in the morning" and "what [he] goes to bed at night thinking about".

But Kevin Kristy over at PolitiPage doesn't agree - and has the pictures to prove it:

In case you weren't able to tally all that up, here is the unofficial count of Obama's activities since the oil spill began:

  • 7 days of golf
  • 6 sports events
  • 6 days of campaigning
  • 6 days of vacation
  • 4 commemorations (graduations, Cinco de Mayo, et al.)
  • 3 days of fundraising for his Democrat pals
  • 2 days of media events (White House Correspondents Dinner and meets with Bono for some reason - and that doesn't include the VIP dinner with Paul McCartney he had the other night)

  • Could you imagine the seizure the left would have had if, during Katrina, Bush went golfing 7 times, went to half a dozen sporting events, and hosted several parties - all while squeezing multiple vacations into the mix?? Had Bush done what Obama has done, the left would have wet straight through its pants and there would not be enough voltage on planet earth to electroshock them back into coherence. Clearly a double-standard is being showcased here.

    Now, in all fairness, perhaps Obama spent a few hours during some of those days discussing the oil spill with his staff before heading off to a BBQ... But that list of recreational activities above isn't going to convince the American voters that the oil spill has been his "singular" priority meme. After all, it took him 36 days before answering any questions from the press about the matter, and only did so because he thought the "top kill" method had worked and wanted to claim the victory for himself. But only after it was revealed that the "top kill" method had actually been halted the night before he claimed its victory did he begin to distance himself from the relief efforts again (which begs another question: How is it, Mr. President, that you claimed that BP didn't act unless it got approval from your administration first, yet you went on TV and didn't even know that "top kill" had been stopped roughly 12 hours earlier?)

    Quite frankly, I don't think the right would be hounding him on this so hard if he (and the rest of the left) hadn't been pulverizing Bush into a fine paste over Katrina for the past 5 years. But let this be a lesson to the left: You can't set the bar at 9 feet for President Bush, and then expect to lower it back to 3 feet once your party gets elected to the helm. If your argument over the past 5 years was that Bush was at fault for the mishandling of Katrina, then you reap the fruits of your labors when Obama gets to face the music while today the oil spill is just as bad as it was 45 days ago.


    Brandon said...

    I think I'm more upset at the fact that Bono had time to go to the White House after back surgery but had to cancel all his North American concerts until next year.