I Win

on Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I have taken a lot of flak over the years for not believing in anthropogenic global warming. But after the series of devastating blows to Al Gore's religion over the last few months, I can't help but enjoy the schadenfreude as I watch crazy ol' uncle Al still try to espouse the validity of his global warming Bible after the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke were just tossed out.

Here's a recap of the last few months in case you missed it:

A series of hacked emails from the University of East Anglia revealed that the scientists at the Climate Research Unit intentionally manipulated data and used "tricks" to "hide the decline" and even threw out their data so that they couldn't be fact-checked (a direct violation of England's Freedom of Information Act 2000). The East Anglia CRU was also caught using sub-par computer modeling methods to further skew their findings (terms like 'fudge factor' were explicitly written right into their BASIC code)

• NOAA “homogenization” data falsified climate facts by turning the declines into increases

• According to the University of Bristol, there has been no rise in atmospheric carbon fraction over the last 150 years. They also make the point that most of the CO2 we emit does not reach the atmosphere, but is instead absorbed by the oceans and terrestrial ecosystems

• The IPCC withdraws its claim that global warming will wipe out Himalayan glaciers by 2035. Furthermore, IPCC frontman Rajendra Pachauri later admitted that he knew that the Himalayan claim was a lie for months, yet intentioanlly failed to mention it in the weeks leading up to the international Copenhagen climate summit

• Data showing that mountain glaciers were melting was actually based on unsubstantiated college student theses that were not peer-reviewed, as well as anecdotes from a mountain climber magazine (hardly what one would call "scientific sources"). Once this was discovered, researchers looked into the IPCC's footnotes more carefully and found that close to a dozen more college student dissertations were cited as authoritative scientific research

• Reports that 40% of the Amazonian rainforests were going to become extinct due to climate change were actually falsified by the WWF (a climate advocacy group), and came from a magazine instead of an authoritative scientific source. The original scientific data stated that 40% of Amazonian rainforests could become extinct because of loggers, before the WWF replaced the word "loggers" with the words "climate change"

• The disgraced head researcher at East Anglia's CRU was forced to admit on record that there has been no statistically significant warming since 1995. Furthermore, scientists believe that the medieval warming period temperatures may have been global, thereby undermining entire anthropogenic global warming argument

• The Siberian dendroclimatology tree ring study which, according to global warming advocates, quantified their belief in the hockey-stick graph, actually came from only one single cherry-picked tree (dubbed YADO61) because it supported their claim. And if that's not enough, there is also mounting evidence that the practice of hand-picking only the data that supports global warming has been occuring for years now.

• The report claiming that African crops were going to wither has since been exposed as a completely false claim

• IPCC scientists purposely excluded Southern Hemisphere data in order to exaggerate the effects of global warming on hurricanes. Peer-reviewed research has since cast even further doubt on global warming and its relationship with hurricanes

Al Gore and his fraudulent accomplices have desperately tried to discount this devastating series of blows by arguing that "well, while some human errors have been made, it still doesn't disprove global warming, right? Right??"

To this rather asinine retort, I counter: How can that hold true if EVERY SINGLE CLAIM that was intended to quantify anthropogenic global warming over the past 10 years has being debunked one by one? More glaciers are growing than are melting. The polar bears are still around. The sea level hasn't risen. Crops aren't burning up. And countries all across the globe are experiencing their coldest, snowiest winters on record.

Face it, Al. If it walks like a Winter, talks like a Winter, and feels like a Winter - it ain't Summer. And there's nothing you or your Nobel Prize can do to change that fact.