Brian Williams Hearts Obama

on Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I don't think we need any more evidence of the fact that the media is in the tank for The One, but here's a little extra fodder to toss onto the fire for when the nights get cold...

Last night NBC's Brian Williams aired a "job shadow" of the POTUS to see what a day is like for him in the White House (why wasn't he ever interested to do that when Bush was in office?). I originally wanted to turn it off when the sycophantic swooning began, but then my wife convinced me to watch arguing that it might be interesting just to see what goes on behind the scenes at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. She was right, it was fairly interesting. Among the highlights of the show: (1) Obama taking his media team and half the motorcade to 5 Guys for burgers just to impress NBC by showing them that he can, (2) NBC spotlighting how cool Rahm Emanuel is even though he constantly chided the camera crews and even told them to "F off" at one point (I wonder if they would've thought Josh Bolten or Karl Rove was cool had they told NBC to "F off"), and my personal favorite (3) Brian Williams actually bowing to President Obama at the end of the day (see vid below). Here's to the unbiased reporting at NBC: