Obama Has "Pork" Flu

on Thursday, May 7, 2009

Be ye warned: Pork Flu is infinitely more dangerous than Swine Flu because of its ultra-high degrees of contagiousness. In fact, it's so contagious that even my unborn grandchildren will be suffering the effects of Obama's horrifying disease. After promising to never pass a bill with any pork in it, he passed the Omnibus bill without even reading it - a bill that contained close to 9,000 earmarks. After which he proposed the largest one-year budget in American history laden with even more of that smoked-pork flavor than the Omnibus had.

Ah, but fear not. For our fearless leader has, once again, promised to make everything ok by vowing to remove a lousy 0.5% of the crap in his crap sandwich, leaving you and your kids with 99.5% of the sweet, wholesome goodness that is Obama's $3.5 trillion budget.
U.S. President Barack Obama's budget suggests $17 billion in spending cuts for fiscal year 2010, but Congress already has rejected some of those proposals and the savings do little to dent a projected $1.17 trillion deficit.

Obama on Thursday released details of the spending cuts, most of which were announced during or after the initial roll-out of his $3.5 trillion budget in February. Fiscal year 2010 begins on October 1.
Also take note that, instead of cutting money out of wasteful projects like remodeling government offices and giving free money to the radical fraud group ACORN, Obama decided to cut almost all of the money from defense.

You know, because the world is safe now or something.