on Thursday, April 2, 2009

Obama already screwed up royally with the Brits once when he decided to gift the PM with a bunch of DVDs that were in the wrong regional format.

Well ol' Barry is back in Britain again for the G20 party, but it looks like he didn't learn his lesson the first time:

President Obama has given the Queen an Ipod during their private meeting at Buckingham Palace. It contains footage of her state visit to the US in May 2007. The Queen has given the president a silver framed photograph of herself and her husband. The official picture is what she gives all visiting dignitaries.
It should also be noted that the ipod was preloaded with a bunch of crappy Obama speeches... Cuz you never know when the Queen of England might get that 2 A.M. hankering to listen to Obama's 2004 speech at the DNC.

P.S. - She already has an ipod.