More Stimulus?

on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Such are the words of Queen Pelosi and crew, who seem to be having plenty of fun spending your grandchildren's money these days:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday she is open to introducing a second stimulus bill, but it's too early to determine the size of such a package and the timing on another major economic measure.

“We have to keep the door open to see how it goes,” Pelosi told reporters Tuesday following a House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee hearing on the economy...

“We hope it will be sooner rather than later that [the stimulus] catches fire in Washington, D.C.
I'm confused. I remember Washington promising us that the first TARP bill would save the economy. Then we were promised the second bill would fix everything. Now we need a third? When are these guys going to stop? Stimulus #9?

As I've already noted, the numbers from this recession mirror those of the 1981 recession that Jimmy Carter left as a parting gift to Reagan. And yet, somehow, we didn't need oodles of spending bills to pull us out back then. Why then do the Dems in Congress need a new weekly stimulus bill paid for by my great-great-great grandkids before they are satisfied?