Hillary Clinton is a Retard

on Friday, March 27, 2009

...and yes, thanks to the 1st amendment, I can, in fact, say that.

Anyway, the illegal drug war in Mexico has reached its breaking point. So who does Hillary think is to blame for Mexico's drug problem? Why, America, of course:

The Obama administration wants to crack down on the sale of assault weapons that are arming Mexican drug cartels, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in an interview with NBC television.

Clinton late on Wednesday called letting a previous US ban on the sale of assault weapons expire "a mistake."

"I think these assault weapons, these military style weapons, don't belong on anyone's street," said Clinton who pushed for the ban as a New York senator.
Hillary's brain: "I know how to fix the drug problem! Let's make assault weapons illegal. Sure, drug lords have no shame in creating drugs illegally, and then shipping them to America illegally, and some drug lords have no moral objection to even living in America illegally... but I bet that if we make assault weapons illegal, they'll respect that law. Besides, even though they sell contraband on the black market, I bet they don't know how to buy an AK47 on the black market."


tnehren said...

The democratic response to everything, from the economy to drug enforcement, is laughable. Its like my car's engine won't turn over, so I decide to replace the tires. On second thought, that would fix the gas crisis.