ACLU Hard at Work Again

on Friday, March 13, 2009

Our friends at the ACLU (you know, the same people who provide legal help to suspected terrorists and want to grant the rights to Code Pink to protest veterans' funerals) have outdone themselves yet again with this latest embarrassment of a fiasco aimed at your children. A district in California has made it illegal for children to leave school for medical treatment without notifying parents. But the ACLU aims to reverse that, while slipping in a little something extra of their own:

The ACLU is threatening to sue a California school district after it changed a policy to require teenagers get parental consent to leave campus for confidential medical services.

The Vista Unified School District board voted unanimously Thursday to change its existing policy that allowed students to be excused for confidential appointments — including abortions — without notifying parents, according to the North County Times.
The government already provides condoms and sex ed training in schools, making the process now complete, and all thanks to the great efforts of the ACLU. Your kids can now get condoms and sex ed training in 1st period health, leave campus during lunch, and get a abortion during 6th period gym - and all without having to notify parents. How efficient!