What's In the Stimulus? (UPDATED)

on Friday, February 13, 2009

...Answer: Nobody knows.

Via Drudge, the bill has now ballooned to 1,071 pages and Nancy Pelosi is forcing the House to vote on it quickly, without the chance to read it so that she can catch her flight for an 8-day trip to Europe.

A very frightening problem lies here, folks: Democrats promised to post the bill on the internet for 48 hours before Congress voted on it so that everybody would have a proper chance to see what was in it. The are now breaking this promise. Why would they do that? Obviously they're trying to hide something by refusing to post it on the net and then forcing the House to vote on it without seeing what's even in it. I mean, for all we know there could be text in the bill declaring Obama as king and tyrant over America forever - and we wouldn't even know it. So now your Congress is going to blindly vote on the most expensive piece of legislation in American history while, as one Congressman puts it, "casting our votes with one hand and crossing our fingers with the other.”

And all on Friday the 13th. Be afraid, people. Be very afraid.

UPDATE: Looks like lobbyists were getting copies of the bill before congressional leaders even did. Good to hear that Washington has its priorities straight.