Define "Pork"

on Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama's been called to the table by his own disciples for his absurd claim that there is no pork in the spending bill.

President Barack Obama had it both ways Monday when he promoted his stimulus plan in Indiana. He bragged about getting Congress to produce a package with no pork, yet boasted it will do good things for a Hoosier highway and a downtown overpass, just the kind of local projects [a.k.a. pork - ed.] lawmakers lard into big spending bills...

THE FACTS: There are no "earmarks," as they are usually defined, inserted by lawmakers in the bill. Still, some of the projects bear the prime characteristics of pork - tailored to benefit specific interests or to have thinly disguised links to local projects.

For example, the latest version contains $2 billion for a clean-coal power plant with specifications matching one in Mattoon, Ill., $10 million for urban canals, $2 billion for manufacturing advanced batteries for hybrid cars, and $255 million for a polar icebreaker [But wait, I thought global warming was already melting the polar icecaps. Why do we need an icebreaker? - ed.] and other "priority procurements" by the Coast Guard.

Obama told his Elkhart audience that Indiana will benefit from work on "roads like U.S. 31 here in Indiana that Hoosiers count on." He added: "And I know that a new overpass downtown would make a big difference for businesses and families right here in Elkhart."
In case there was any confusion, Obama clarified by adding this to the soup yesterday:

Understand, this bill does not have a single earmark in it, which is unprecedented for a bill of this size, does not have a single earmark in it.
When the recipe calls for stuffing a kalua pig with greasy bacon, sausage, and ham, then searing it all over a hot fire for 3 hours, how can Obama look Americans in the face and honestly claim the meal is kosher?