on Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember when President Obama pledged openness to the American public?


[During] President Obama's press conference Monday night, The President was running down a list of reporters preselected to ask questions. The White House had decided in advance who would be allowed to question the President and who was left out.

Presidents are free to conduct press conferences however they like, but the decision to preselect questioners is an odd one, especially for a White House famously pledged to openness. We doubt that President Bush, who was notorious for being parsimonious with follow-ups, would have gotten away with prescreening his interlocutors.
Backdoor deals in the stimulus, cameras (and Republicans) not allowed into closed-door negotiations regarding your tax money, failure to disclose all of the details to the American public, and a president who's so scared to answer honest questions about the stimulus bill that he has to pre-screen reporters.

That's the "change" you were excited for, America. But remember, there is such a thing as change for the worse. And you voted for it.