on Monday, February 9, 2009

And so as we begin the year with a new president, a new adminsitration, and a new chapter of American history being penned as the days go forward, this blog has taken Obama's overly repeated advice of "change" by implementing a new look, as well as a new overall feel and theme. For the last year and a half this blog has been an outlet for me to write extensively about all subjects political. Most of my posts have been very time consuming for me to research and write and ended up being rather lengthy by the time I finished them. As such, I could only post about once a week on average and many of you left after only reading the first paragraph or so because many of you were turned off by the extensive length or each post (yes, I can tell how often and for how long you visit). Therefore, in the interest of preserving my time, as well as yours, starting tomorrow this blog will begin to take the feel of other, more mainstream political blogs. Instead of one long post per week, this site will have as many as half a dozen or more posts per day - all of which being much shorter in length than this blog is used to seeing. I encourage you to check in often, several times per day even, to stay up to date and see the latest in political news and commentary, as well as other news stories as we see fit to post ;)

I've also added an "About Me" section at the top of the blog and on the sidebar to the right (Or, you could just click here to read it).