AP Covers For Obama Yet Again

on Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top headline at Yahoo News right now: "Wall Street rebounds as lawmakers agree on stimulus plan"

...and the chewy center inside the article itself:

Investors shuttled between optimism and pessimism Wednesday, finally betting that the government might help the economy out of recession after all.

News in late afternoon that key lawmakers agreed on a $789 billion economic stimulus plan sent stocks moderately higher in a partial rebound [a measly 50 points - ed.]...
"Partial" being the operative word here from the AP in a story titled "Stocks end higher on agreement on stimulus bill"... a story which buries deep within its paragraphs the fact that the DOW fell a narly 400 points yesterday solely on news regarding the stimulus!!

Yesterday the DOW fell almost half a thousand points because of the government's stimulus plan. Result: No headline story. Today the DOW climbs a measly 50 points. Result: Glorious Headline treatment from the most visited website in the world.

Who ever said the media wasn't biased...