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on Monday, February 9, 2009

A few people have asked who I am and what my core political beliefs are. So instead of answering each individual request about me, I figured I would just add this post about who I am and what I believe.

So without further ado:

Government Politics: I guess you could say I’m somewhere between conservative and libertarian. I think that government spending is out of control and politicians are constantly seeking more and more power – and most of them probably won’t be satisfied until we reach full-blown socialism. Leaders in Washington rarely have what’s best for America at heart and, instead, for the sole sake of political expediency, cast votes and make decisions based on what will most likely get them re-elected. Lobbyists, affirmative action, and special interest groups run this country. Unless you’re a member of some loud-mouthed outspoken minority group like “Hispanic Gays for Abortion”, Washington doesn’t care what you have to say. And even if, by some heavenly miracle, they did actually listen, it wouldn't matter as Washington is full of a bunch of sycophantic hypocrites anyway. Case in point: Nancy Pelosi screams at corporate executives for flying around in their corporate jets, while she herself paddles around in one of her own – paid for by you, or course. While the rest of us are struggling financially in this stricken economy, Congress is giving themselves raises. While any of us would be thrown in jail for not paying our taxes, many in Obama’s cabinet – including the guy running the IRS – are tax frauds themselves who, oddly, don’t face any repercussions whatsoever. And even our fearless leader Obama himself, who recently told us that “we can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times” just recently (as of this writing) finished a lavish vacation in a $9 million mansion on a secluded beach in Hawaii. Way to lead by example, you morons.

Foreign Policy: The Middle East is a joke. It’s always been at war, and probably always will be. Don’t expect things to settle down over there, regardless of whether or not we withdraw out troops from Iraq. I’m also constantly amused how often other nations in the world criticize us and our policies; that is, until they need America’s help with something.

The War on Terror: I know that Obama and cronies are already trying to rid this phrase from American culture, but face it: The war exists. Terrorist cells throughout the world declared war on America decades ago, and we’ve already been hit by them multiple times. And you know what, they aren’t going to stop trying.

Media: With the blatantly obvious exception of Fox News, the entire media is in the tank for Obama and the Democratic Party. They try to slip in an article now and then often pretending to criticize the left, but what all the major media outlets did during the election of Barack Obama was shameful malpractice, and they know it. Once anchors start crying every time Obama speaks and after newspapers start giving 50% discounts to think tanks running anti-Republican ads, you’ll know the battle is lost. Oh wait, that’s already happening…

Global Warming: Instead of reiterating every post I’ve ever had on global warming, allow me to sum it up this way instead: If Al Gore himself isn’t worried enough to stop flying his jet around and using 12 times the national average amount of energy in his own home, then you shouldn’t either.

American Culture: Americans, for the most part, are incredibly uniformed zombies. Case in point: Millions of women don’t know how to think for themselves unless Oprah tells them what to say/think/do. And anyone who is left just thinks whatever a bunch of high school diploma Hollywood celebrities tell them to. The time in America is long overdue for people to get informed and start thinking for themselves.


Brandon Burrup said...

Allowing abortion leads to fewer Hispanic Gays. Kind of counterproductive there.