on Monday, November 10, 2008

...not to be confused with "abomination", although I'm not sure there's a difference.

My conscience told me not to get caught up in the hope that Obama would govern as he said he would, and not how his record showed he would. But after the appointment of partison hack Rahm Emanuel as Obama's chief of staff, and with rumors of John Kerry as a possible choice for Secretary of State, my utopia-filled dreams of a centrist government have now turned to nightmares akin to the horror of watching any movie starring Lindsay Lohan.

Which, oh which leftist policies will Barry use to break my heart by implementing first:

  • Freedom of Choice Act

  • Single-payer health care

  • Card Check

  • Defense cuts

  • Fairness Doctrine

  • Amnesty

  • Estate tax increases

  • Capital gains tax increases

  • Defense cuts

  • More bans on oil drilling

  • Global poverty tax

  • Elimination of the second amendment

  • Socialism / Spreading the wealth around

  • My nightmare. Nikita Khrushchev's dream come true: