The Non-Recession Recession

on Friday, May 2, 2008

The liberal media loves to report the most negative news they can find (or, heaven forbid, create). So it's no surprise that media outlets nationwide are reporting nonstop on the so-called "recession" in America.

The only problem is, we aren't in a recession.

The actual definition of the word "recession" is as follows:

A recession is defined as a decline in a country's GDP for 2 consecutive quarters.
Well it just so happens that Wall Street released it's quarterly report on the economy 2 days ago which stated that, gasp, we actually GAINED ground during the first quarter of the year.

So by definition, we are NOT in a recession. Now, that being said, could things be a lot better off in our economy?.. Of course! But at least things are growing!!

And if you wish to truly grasp the magnitude of what I am talking about when I say the media loves to spin everything negatively, just read the hyperlinked article above. The title of the article itself says enough: "Economy grows by ONLY 0.6 percent in first quarter"...

Grows by only 0.6 percent?? You pessimists should be happy it grew at all!! But instead of being glad that we actually had any growth during the first quarter, you losers continue to whine and moan about what horrible news it is. I tell ya, such pessimism can only be found in the liberal media.

So the next time you turn on the news and hear some idiot reporter talking about the "recession", you can automatically mentally flag them as a moron who clearly has no clue what they're talking about.


Thomas Nehren said...

I gotta disagree with you on this one, little bro. You can debate semantics and the true definition of the word recession, but when people talk about a poor economy they are talking about the fact they have little or nothing left in the pockets at the end of the month.

With gas at $4 a gallon and headed to $5, the money that use to be there just a few months ago for discretionary purchases, buying new clothes for the kids, taking my wife out for dinner has vanished. I am middle class, and do not feel like it. That is when we know we are in an economic downturn. Plus, how much of our "economic growth" is due simply to increased inflationary costs of commodities, largely caused by increasing energy costs?

I want to remain positive and optimistic about the economy, and think the free market is correcting itself, just like its supposed to. But to deny the country's economic woes, or for that matter those of the entire western industrialized world, is to point to the ray of sunshine in the break of clouds while the funnel of a tornado is barreling towards you.