Yet Another [Yawn] Hillary Lie

on Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This news is a few days old, but it sheds more light on Clinton's increasingly apparent pseudologia fantastica:

First watch this video from The Jed Report...

...then watch as Hillary is horribly debunked and embarrassed, once again, by those who did the minimal research her campaign refused to do before spouting this story as if it were undeniably true:

Over the last five weeks, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York has featured in her campaign stump speeches the story of a health care horror: an uninsured pregnant woman who lost her baby and died herself after being denied care by an Ohio hospital because she could not come up with a $100 fee.

The woman, Trina Bachtel, did die last August, two weeks after her baby boy was stillborn at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens, Ohio. But hospital administrators said Friday that Ms. Bachtel was under the care of an obstetrics practice affiliated with the hospital, that she was never refused treatment and that she was, in fact, insured.
Linda M. Weiss, a spokeswoman for the not-for-profit hospital, said the Clinton campaign had never contacted the hospital to check the accuracy of the story, which Mrs. Clinton had first heard from a Meigs County, Ohio, sheriff’s deputy in late February.
A Clinton spokesman, Mo Elleithee, [said], “In this case, we did try but were not able to fully vet it. If the hospital claims it did not happen that way, we respect that.”
"If the hospital claims it did not happen that way, we respect that" is just another way of admitting that Sen. Clinton's claim on the original story is completely bogus - and she knows it.

Hillary's speech in the video above is peppered with lies. After working in an ER at one point in my life, I can attest, NOBODY is ever denied health care for lack of money or insurance. Also, Hill claims that hundreds of thousands were spent on this girl because she couldn't come up with a hundred bucks. That number is a complete distortion meant to deceive. Unless the girl had 3 heart transplants, there's no possible way that physician's, nurse's, helicopter, and hospital fees could total the at least $200,000 that Hillary is claiming. Again, I worked in a hospital. I know.

Hillary and Obama need to be more careful. This "health care is a right" argument they continuously spout is nothing more than a slippery slope. What if I want legal counsel? Should the gov't provide a free lawyer whenever I want? What if my my furnace breaks? Is it my "right" to have the gov't pay for my furnace repair so I can be warm? Where do the "rights" stop?

Remind me again, what's the name for the type of gov't where politicians run everything for everybody - the type of gov't Hillay and Obama are beginning to push for?? Oh yea, COMMUNISM!!


Amber Marie said...

I second that when you walk into the ER they treat you no matter what. I just did it this week! They did ask about insurance but had PLENTY of forms and help for those who didn't. In fact I left the hospital without paying a single penny. And the EMT guys who came to the house never once asked for insurance or any money for that matter. There is healthcare for every single person in this country! Preventative? No, but anybody with any sort of medical emergency by law is to be treated in a hospital.

Mike said...

Well said, Amber

PS - You gave us all a little scare there. Glad to hear you're ok.