Rev. Wrong

on Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've been out of the political game all week, so my thoughts on this issue may be a day or two late. But since everyone else is talking about it...

Yesterday Obama tried to denounce Rev. Wright, and ended up falling flat on his face. Look, I really don't have anything new to say about this whole Rev. Wright Wrong debacle seeing as I have already addressed it multiple times. If you wanna know my thoughts on it, just head on over to the archives.

I guess the only part I find amusing in all of this is watching the media jump to his support time and time and time again. If you haven't caught on yet that the media is in the tank for the rookie, then get help. Even Hillary, with her $110 million couldn't buy the kind of media support they are freely giving to Obama and crew. After all, once the obnoxious ladies on The View start comparing Rev. Wright to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr., you KNOW something is wrong...

But the only real questions of significance posed here are, for starters, why denounce him now? You went to this church for years and years, Mr. Obama, and just now you are deciding to denounce him and reject his views?! I don't buy it. And if you truly are "outraged at his rants and divisive comments" as you so claim, then why did you make the time to sit at the feet of this man and listen to him for 20 years? Why did you ask him to marry you and your wife? Why did you have him baptize your daughters? Why did you continue to allow your daughters' young, teachable minds to soak up his hatred?

As Allahpundit so beautifully states: "After 20 years of friendship, if Obama didn’t know Wright held these beliefs he’s a moron, and if he did know he’s a fraud."

Even liberal bloggers are ditching their support efforts for Obama because, instead of seeing him as the faultless enigma he once was, he now ranks among the most typical liberal politicians. His press conference on the matter comes right out of the Clinton playbook: Screw up, avoid it as long as you can, poll Americans to see how they feel about it and then base your new opinion solely on those polls, then call a press conference and plead ignorance. You yourself even admitted that you heard him say things that could be considered controversial, Barrack, so this whole notion that you "didn't know" is a complete lie, and you know it.

The point is, Barry, we all know you still support him. You're not "outraged" at the comments Rev. Wright made, because if you were you would've left the church a loooong time ago. The only thing you're "outraged" about here is the fact that you got caught listening to this crap and now it's hurting your camp.

It's been uncomfortably embarrassing to watch the media squirm at any mention of the Obama-Wright scandal, then watch them snap back and claim that anybody who brings it up is racist and should be focusing on the "issues" instead. But I counter that if Mitt Romney had to be attacked constantly about his religion, then the Rev. Wright travesty is completely in-bounds. Also, Ron Paul's radical views were called into question by the media when he was linked to neo-Confederate newsletters, how is this issue concerning Obama's judgment any different?

I can't believe I just defended Ron Paul.