Deadbeat Hillary

on Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton, the woman who wants to take more of your money in the form of higher taxes so that she can give it to other Americans who don't pay their bills... doesn't even pay her own:

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s cash-strapped presidential campaign has been putting off paying hundreds of bills for months — freeing up cash for critical media buys but also earning the campaign a reputation as something of a deadbeat in some small-business circles.

A pair of Ohio companies owed more than $25,000 by Clinton for staging events for her campaign are warning others in the tight-knit event production community — and anyone else who will listen — to get their cash upfront when doing business with her. Her campaign, say representatives of the two companies, has stopped returning phone calls and e-mails seeking payment of outstanding invoices. One even got no response from a certified letter.
And this isn't the first time the ol' lady has stiffed those whom she claims to help. Other examples can be found here, here, and here.

And that's not all. Hillary Clinton, who once threatened that she would punish those who choose not to pay for healthcare... doesn't even pay for her own staff's healthcare:

Among the debts reported this month by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s struggling presidential campaign, the $292,000 in unpaid health insurance premiums for her campaign staff stands out.
[Documents] show the campaign ended last year owing Aetna more than $213,000 for “employee benefits.”

During the first two months of the year, the campaign did not pay down any of that debt. In fact, it accrued another $16,000 in unpaid bills last month, and it finished the month owing Aetna $229,000.

[The campaign also] reported owing $63,000 to Carefirst at the end of February for employee benefits.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the woman who wants to manage your taxes and run government healthcare.


Kathryn said...

yuck, yuck, yuck, she leaves such a bad taste in my mouth!