More Double Standards

on Wednesday, March 19, 2008

While the media is hyperventilating over what they call Barack Obama's "wonderful" speech on race, many of us in the blogosphere have been quick to point out the hypocrisy surrounding the media's handling of Obama's church, and more specifically, his pastor.

Case in point: Rev. Wright has been documented, and even filmed, spewing some of the most rabid racist slurs and slogans you will ever hear. He calls our country the U.S. of 'KKK' A., preaches that the white man gov't created AIDS and gave it to the black man, accuses the rich white man of purposely keeping the black man poor and uneducated, says that America deserved the attacks on 9/11 because of our association with "that dirty word" Israel, and believes that America should be damned to hell. He insults whites while publicly declaring that the blacks are more elite and that they should be loyal to Africa, not America. And he's done all this for 20 years. Wanna see the evidence?... Just hop on over to YouTube.

Now here's my point, Obama goes out and makes a predictable speech about how his pastor's comments were nothing more than "just words" while simultaneously refusing to disavow Rev. Wright. Well here's where the hypocrisy lies: Barack Obama was the first presidential candidate to call for the firing of Don Imus after only one racist remark, not 20 years worth.

So let me get this straight, Mr. Obama, it's ok if a black man insults white people for 20 years, but it's unacceptable if a white man makes one racist slur against blacks.

Sorry Barack, I don't give you a pass on this one.

And what bothers me even more about this is the fact that Obama lied right to America's face 4 days ago when he boldly proclaimed "The statements that Rev. Wright made [...] were not statements I personally heard him preach."

... but then yesterday he said this: "Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes."

Liar. I guess in 20 years' worth of ranting against America and the white man, Rev. Wright never had time to teach the 10 commandments, one of which being "Thou shalt not bear false witness".

And if that's not enough, Obama then has the audacity to blame his pastor's racist and anti-American remarks on... conservative talk radio.

Meanwhile, the liberal press is still drooling over Obama's "eloquence and masterful recovery" from what they call a "no-big-deal" situation. The hypocrisy and irony of how the media is treating this - in comparison to, say, Don Imus' remarks or Mitt Romney's religion - is so absurd it's painful.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the media is in the tank for Obama. After all, 36% of Americans are conservatives, while only 6% of reporters are...