Media Bias?? What Media Bias?...

on Monday, March 3, 2008

**This post has been updated, see bottom of post**

CBS News (you know, the same degenerates who produce made-up, phony stories trashing the President) has finally jumped the shark.

Last week it was reported that a White House aide had resigned after he was caught plagiarizing on at least 20 occasions. The man apologized, said there was no excuse for his actions, took full responsibility, was reprimanded by the White House, and ultimately cleaned out his office and left. So how does the CBS website entitle the story:

"Bush Resigns Because Of Plagiarism"

BUSH resigns
?? Man, you idiots over at CBS have been so giddy to write those words, you'll take anything you can get, won't you?

This is a perfect example as to why "nearly 70 percent of Americans believe traditional journalism is out of touch".

UPDATE: Nice try. 3 days after leaving the article headline unchanged, they finally decide to quitely insert the word "aide" while leaving no correction announcement. But don't think you guys got away with it that easily, I have a screenshot of the original headline...

(Thanks: Newsbusters)