Free Speech, the Democrat Way

on Thursday, March 6, 2008

What's the best way to show your disapproval of War?.. Well by committing an act of domestic terrorism, of course!

The same loony degenerates who accuse the Bush Administration of committing terrorist acts against detainees at Gitmo, as well as in the Middle East, have finally resulted to terrorist acts themselves in an extreme act of political hypocrisy. Last night at about 3:43am in Times Square New York, a CodePink-esk protestor ignited a bomb with the clear purpose of destroying a military recruitment office.

The problem with all of this is the fact that we have slowly allowed protestors like this (CodePink, as well as others) to get away with this kind of "free speech" on a regular basis, without any ramifications. For example, law enforcement does nothing when protestors paint recruitment offices to look like blood, defacing gov't property in the process. Police stand by silently as CodePink hippies chain themselves to a military recruitment office, thereby illegally preventing patrons to enter a legitimate business. Tax-payer-funded college personnel do nothing as military recruiters are chased off a college campus during a job fair. The news ignores it when protestors deface an ROTC armory. So is it any surprise that these protestors continue to push the envelope?

A note to you hippie protestors: The 60s are over. This is not free speech, this is vandalism! This is domestic terrorism! One of you just bombed a government building, which hopefully lands you in prison for the rest of your worthless life. Was it worth it?

In fact, what is it that you are even protesting?.. After all, there is no draft currently in place and the only people who are even visiting these recruitment centers and joining the military are those who VOLUNTEER to do so. So what gives you the right to infringe on the rights of men and women who wish to join?..

It'll be interesting to follow this to see if our law enforcement personnel allow this to go unpunished simply because somebody was "just exercising their free speech, dude."

UPDATE: My brother Thomas just called me to add that this is eerily similar to the ELF home burnings in Seattle a few days ago. Apparently bombing or burning property that isn't yours is OK... if you're a liberal


Thomas said...

What about ELF burning down those luxury homes in Seattle? Seriously, these are the same people that sat in the aisles of the grocery store as little kids and screamed until their mommy bought them the cereal with the cool toy in it. If she didn't cave into their demands, they knocked over the giant display of soup in the front of the store.