Fish. Barrel. Bang.

on Monday, March 24, 2008

This isn't the biggest story I've ever covered, but it's another excuse to bash the Hillary train -- which never seems to get old, I might add...

And thus we are confronted with the latest evidence of the Clinton's pseudologia fantastica: Behold, Snipergate.

This is Hillary Clinton at GWU one week ago. Just watch from the beginning til about 1:07 (or -8:39 if you set your YouTube timers to count down, like I do):

Pants SO ablaze...

Here's footage of Hillary dodging that sniper fire and running to her vehicle without a greeting ceremony that day in Bosnia:

I'm just curious, does anybody out there ever get phased anymore whenever another Clinton lie surfaces?

UPDATE: Hillary claims she 'misspoke' about her trip to Tuzla because she was sleep-deprived. Hmm. Well then what about this instance from almost 3 weeks earlier:

So you misspoke. On two seperate occasions. Because you were tired. On two seperate occasions. Good luck running with that excuse, Hillary.

Also, as one colleague mentions, doesn't sleep deprivation usually kick in at 3 a.m.