Your Congress, Hard at Work

on Friday, February 15, 2008

There is a full-blown war in the Middle East, the economy is teetering, terrorists are trying to destroy our civilization, our gov't spending is out of control, and the stupid liberal Democrats want to block a bill that will help protect Americans from future terrorist attacks.

When reading that list it sounds like Congress has a lot to fix. So just what is it then that Congress has been up to this week?...

They've been grilling Roger Clemens about steroid use.

Wow. Apparently Nancy Pelosi's Congress has nothing better to do than question an MLB pitcher as to whether he used HGH or not. And since that made for such a tough week for Pelosi and cronies, they're now taking a 12-day recess. Don't work too hard, kids

...Meanwhile, our Democratic House wonders why we call them the "do-nothing-Congress"


Kathryn said...

This has totally amazed me this week!!! Sheesh.