Sign Here for Your Rebate Check, Stupid!

on Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yesterday, President Bush signed into law the economic stimulus package. Starting mid-May, $168 Billion will be dished out to families and businesses to help kick-start the economy.

The only problem is, we didn't have the $168 billion to give out in the first place! So where is this money coming from, you ask?...


Now most of us aren't going to complain if the gov't wants to give us a check for $600, but still one must ask, whose economy is really going to be the one benefiting from this brilliant plan? After all, we're already borrowing ourselves into oblivion with Chinese funds as it is, and now we're gonna borrow even more from the reds?! And then to make it even better, all of us will go turn around and spend that rebate money on goods... made in China

(Cue Mocking Applause)

So let's re-cap: We're borrowing money from China, to go out and buy goods made in China...

Whose economy is supposed to benefit from this again?