on Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hope for change. Change for hope. Hoping for hope. Changing for change. Hoping for change to change hope...

Is it just me, or do Barack Obama's speeches contain nothing of actual worth?.. His empty sermons contain the words "hope" and "change" every few seconds, but as a Senator, he's never really offered anything of actual substance to this country. Yet people are continuously fainting at his speeches as if he's some kind of healer.

(Before continuing, click here and also here for 2 relevant and rather humorous Obama "Hope-Change" ad parodies by Paul Shanklin)

Sure, the word 'hope' makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside, but more often than naught, hope requires effort on our part. Obama does not put forth this effort.

In light of this fact, several media outlets have grilled Obama supporters to name just one accomplishment achieved by Obama. Watch the videos to see their idiotic responses:

And then MSNBC's Chris Matthews embarrassed Texas State Senator Kirk Watson when asking him if he could name one accomplishment from Obama:

(Spoiler: He couldn't)

So why all the pandemonium surrounding the Obama campaign? Do these people not read? I mean, he was just labeled as the most liberal Senator in America - more liberal even than Bernie Sanders, a socialist!! And here you can see video of Obama saying he wants to lose the war on terror and raise everybody's taxes - which is met with thunderous applause and cheers! These supporters are idiots!

Oh yea, his America-hating wife is also refusing to show us her college thesis, "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community" until the day after the November election. Hmmm...