Let's Iraq and Roll

on Sunday, February 10, 2008

I usually avoid Iraq on this blog as it has a tendency to attract 9/11 troofers. But I felt this may be worthy enough to spotlight:

The U.S. military has seized documents written by Al-Qaeda officials stating that Al-Qaeda is in shambles.

In the Anbar document, the author describes an Al Qaeda in crisis, with citizens growing weary of militants' presence and foreign fighters too eager to participate in suicide missions rather than continuing to fight, said Rear Adm. Gregory Smith, a U.S. military spokesman.

"We lost cities and afterward, villages... We find ourselves in a wasteland desert," Smith quoted the document as saying.

The memo — believed to have been written in summer 2007 — cites militants' increasing difficulty in moving around and transporting weapons and suicide belts because of better equipped Iraqi police and more watchful citizens, Smith said.

The diary, seized by U.S. troops south of Balad, was written in autumn 2007 by Abu Tariq, who refers to himself as sector leader for al-Qaida in Iraq, Smith said. Tariq wrote that he was once in charge of 600 fighters, but only 20 were left "after the tribes changed course" — a reference to how many Sunni tribesmen have switched sides to fight alongside the Americans, Smith said.
There it is. Words from the mouth of an Al-Qaeda official himself confirming that AQI is in total collapse. Regardless of whether or not you support the war in Iraq, this is good news for the security of ALL Americans.

It should also be noted that the very same day these documents were released, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called the American troops' effort in Iraq a "failure."

It's also appropriate to note that the current leading contender for the White House, Barack Obama, recently called Iraq a "complete failure."

Time to question his agenda?