on Saturday, February 9, 2008

With the economy being Americans number one concern right now, I’m not so sure that Hillary Clinton is the best choice to repair it, especially when you look at how she has handled her own personal finances as of late:

Hillary's campaign has burnt all of it's cash and is all but bankrupt leaving Hillary the pleasure of personally "loaning" it (cue Dr. Evil voice) $5 millllllion dollars. Of course, when she uses the word loan, it means she intends on receiving that money back from campaign donations. So to any future Hillary campaign donors out there, your money is only going into her own purse. You are warned.

You know, come to think of it, where in the world did she get $5 mil in cash from? After all, her net worth is listed to be in the realm of $35 million - and most of that money is locked up in stocks and bonds. So are we to believe, then, that Hill would dump almost 15% of her entire net worth on 3-weeks-worth of TV ads?! Hardly. I, for one, believe there are other evil sources at play here. Like the satanic magic of the devil himself, Mr. George Soros - a man who has personally worked (and is still working) for the Clintons and could easily bail her out of her money-crunch with his estimated net worth of $7 Billion. And now she's refusing to show the public her income tax returns. Hmmm.

But it's not just Hillary who's destitute. Her own top aides are going without pay or health insurance. Regular American citizens are also getting stiffed by Clinton, the very same woman who has ironically vowed to help them succeed financially:

On Friday, the Herald reported that Dr. Terry Bennett of Rochester had not been paid $500 by the campaign after it rented space from him at 236 Union St., in Portsmouth for the five days leading up to the Jan. 8 New Hampshire primary. Bennett also said the campaign workers left the office in deplorable condition.
From the same article:

Iowa resident Richard Reese [said] he's still waiting to be paid for services his company rendered the Clinton campaign...

Reese provided [the] invoices, a listing of every day he was at the headquarters from November through January, and his bills. He said he has not seen one penny of the $7,561.70 he is owed.
Let's see... Clinton running her own campign into the ground, her own staff being forced to go without pay or medical coverage (which she insists EVERY American needs to have), and not paying those she owes money to...

Gee, sounds like the perfect candidate to help the economy...

UPDATE: Despite all the skepticism, Hillary has publicly announced that she, indeed,will not be releasing her tax returns