2008 Presidential Election: Democrat vs. Democrat

on Thursday, February 7, 2008

Take a look at one of the leading candidate's political positions:

  • Is a major crusader for the global warming fiasco
  • Voted against the Bush tax cuts multiple times
  • Supports higher taxes on ALL Americans, including the lower and middle classes
  • Supports and co-authored legislation that would mandate federal control of campaign financing which would restrict the free speech of every-day Americans (a direct violation of the First Amendment)
  • Has publicly scoffed and insulted the wealth of many successful Americans and has publicly bashed capitalism as a whole
  • Wants to implement a 50 cent increase per gallon on gasoline taxes
  • Drafted and co-authored a secret, back-doors amnesty bill that would grant citizenship to all illegal aliens. Then tried to sneak the bill into law without Americans knowing about it
  • Wants to block conservative judges from taking more posts
  • Has one of Mexico's most outspoken anti-border, pro illegal immigration activists serving as an advisor on their campaign for President
  • Is FOR amnesty to all illegal immigrants

  • What's the first name that comes to your head while reading this?.. Hillary? Obama?


    This is the record of one, John McCain... a man who claims to be a conservative, though his record proves he is nothing of the sort. And now he is the man who will, undoubtedly, be the "Repubican" nominee for President in November. McCain's name on the ballot this November will do nothing more than make the race for President be between 2 Democrats, with McCain being one of them.

    I may or may not go into detail at a later time to profile McCain's flawed record of pro-liberal, anti-conservative legislation. But suffice it to say, no matter who wins the general election this november:

    (Pic thanks to MM, Matt Aho)