Sob Story of the Week

on Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hillary hates being black-listed as the only woman in the campaign, but when it serves her purposes, she plays the gender card like it's going out of style.

Here's the latest in Hillary's pandering. Watch:

What... was that?! A woman who has been as callused as a stone, showing little or no emotion over the past 15 years - even when her husband was impeached for publicly having multiple affairs on her - is now, in a conveniently calculated moment, crying in a smoke-filled diner as a last ditch effort the night before the election that may very well destroy her political career.

It gets better. The night before on Access Hollywood, Hillary says this:

It's that difficult position that a woman candidate is in, because if you get too emotional, that undercuts you. A man can cry. We know that. Lots of our leaders have cried but, you know, a woman, that's a different kind of dynamic. You know, I may get a little passionate and carried away from the time, and maybe somebody says, "Well, you know, women shouldn't do that." Well, I disagree with that. It may take some getting used to because we haven't had a woman president, but, um, I'm confident that people are going to say, you know, "Wait a minute. I want a fighter in the White House."
Then she conveniently cries the following day after a stupid question planted by Jimmy Carter's ex-photographer.

And then, as if it was some sort of huge coincidence, thousands of voters admit today that they changed their votes for Hillary after they "felt her emotional energy, dude." If Romney or Rudy cried, liberals would all be breathing into a paper bag.

Apparently all you need to do to be President of the United States is cry in front of a bunch of old ladies.

The only thing that makes me want to cry in all this is the fact that voters are actually falling for this garbage.

PS - Oh yeah, the woman who asked Hillary's planted question didn't even vote for the ol' lady.