More HisPandering

on Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If the folks in Washington are serious about controlling immigration and properly handling the illegal alien crisis, then why in the world are illegal aliens getting more free money from the government?!?! Remember those tax relief checks we'll all be getting soon? Well illegals are getting them too! (Cue Austin Powers voice) Remittances, baby, yeah!!

I got a better idea: Instead of giving tax money to illegals, why not use that money to finish building the darn fence!

I just don't understand what Washington's obsession is with pandering (rather, hispandering) to illegal aliens...

Tom Tancredo hits the nail right on the head: This is nothing more than a free giveaway to illegals, and is sure to do nothing more than increase illegal immigration.

It'll be interesting to see if anybody addresses this during the upcoming debates.

UPDATE: Wow, Washington actually listened, sort of... The House announced today that the bill has been modified to prevent illegals from getting tax benefits.

Ah, but look closely at the report. Potentially hundreds of thousands of illegals who use ITINs will still be getting checks. Super.