Your Lying, Hard-Working Democrats

on Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Democrats were so giddy when they took back the House and the Senate last year. Nancy Pelosi and her dog Steny Hoyer proclaimed that in their "first 100 hours in power" they would eliminate worldwide poverty, cure cancer, and put chocolate milk in every school drinking fountain in America.

But as is the case with modern Dems, their promises turned up empty and their first 100 hours resulted in bupkis. As time passed, Pelosi and her cronies continued to vow that they "really would work harder than the Republicans, dude!"

But surprise, surprise... they lied yet again.

The official 2008 calendar for the Democrat controlled House has been published. How many 5-day workweeks should we expect from our hardworking Dems all next year? How about 3.

You know, you'd like to think that when you have one of the lowest approval ratings in the history of the House you wouldn't take more vacation time. But then again, Democrats never really have been intertested in actually getting anything done, have they now?

As a personal side note, I wish I could make Pelosi's tax-payer paid salary of about $200,000 a year and only have to show up to work Mon-Fri only 3 times a year...

See the 2008 Congress calendar for yourself here.

Here's a video which I think sums up this post perfectly:


Kathryn said...

that's a great video mike! :)