Stop Breathing to Save the Environment!

on Friday, December 7, 2007

Global warming fanatics are losing it. Just a few days ago the top link on Yahoo news was: Divorce causes global warming. A few weeks before that, a woman in Britain made headlines when she had herself "fixed" so that she couldn't have any children. Why, you ask?? Because she said having children is "selfish" and destructive to the environment. Australian researchers are even trying to replicate a bacteria found in kangaroo stomachs and then place it in cows because kangaroo flatulence is "better for the environment."

These people have lost their minds.

Is anyone else getting the feeling that EVERYTHING is being blamed as either a cause or an effect of global warming? British professor Dr. John Brignell does. In fact, he has painstakingly compiled a website that has around 600 links of news articles blaming everything on global warming.

Some of the links are totally hypocritical. For example: Global warming causes avalanches to be reduced AND avalanches to be increased. Global warming causes bananas to be destroyed AND bananas to grow better. Global warming causes coral reefs to shrink AND coral reefs to grow. (Check out the list for yourself, I'm not making this up!)

Meanwhile, to combat the evil forces of rising pollution, leaders from 187 different nations are flying to a resort in Bali for a UN conference to discuss the Kyoto Protocol and global warming. But researchers estimate that the pollution caused by those flying to the convention will be equal to that of 20,000 cars in one year. So in other words, global warming leaders are causing massive amounts of pollution... in order to discuss reducing pollution. Makes sense, doesn't it?!

And while you all let that sink in, I'm going to be reading about how global warming is causing Christmas gingerbread houses to collapse.