NBC Hates the Troops

on Sunday, December 9, 2007

...but are any of you surprised in hearing that? You shouldn't be after NBC's decision this week not to air an ad from Freedom's Watch, a conservative group that supports both President Bush as well as our troops' presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Freedom's Watch wanted to run ads on NBC thanking the troops for their service during this holiday season, but NBC rejected the ads saying they were "too political."

Oh really?...

See the ads for yourself:

You're right NBC, saying thank you is way over the line... Good call for refusing to run the ads thanking those who risk their lives for you every day. I now see that saying a mere "thank you" during the holidays is way too political. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic.)

NBC said their decision to not air the ads was based on an internal, "decades-old" policy stating that airing the ads would "violate the network's prohibition on controversial issue ads." In other words, NBC has a policy that prohibits them from airing messages that are too political or controversial. But if that's the case then I must pose the following question to NBC: If you refused to air ads thanking troops because they are "too political or controversial" then why did your network (NBC Universal) air the following ad from John Edwards on Keith Olbermann's MSNBC show (which you also own) mere days within 9-11 and just minutes after Bush's speech to the nation regarding the war in Iraq?

...or what about the ad from MoveOn.org that aired during the Today Show (which you also own, NBC) asking Americans "how many more troops will die" (which you can see here).

CAN YOU HONESTLY SAY THAT EDWARD'S/MOVEONE'S ADS AREN'T POLITICAL OR CONTROVERSIAL?!? Give me a break, NBC! You allowed John Edwards' to spew that crap within an hour of a presidential address about 9-11 and Iraq and then you approved MoveOn's filth to penetrate your airwaves on one of your most popular shows - but then you refuse to air a humble ad thanking the troops while they are away from home during the holidays because it's "too controversial." Shame on you.

A further investigation by a research group has found that one of NBC's lawyers behind the decision is a major Democratic supporter and has contributed at least $45,000 of his own cash to support people like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. Shocka!

UPDATE: In light of all this dirty laundry, no wonder NBC has decided to run the ads after all.