Holiday Spending - Democrat Style!

on Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Most of us know that the holidays is a major time for spending, but Nancy Pelosi has shown us how to take that to a whole new level.

Reports today have released figures stating that your Speaker of the House, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, has spent $16,000 of your tax dollars... ON FLOWERS FOR HER OFFICE!!

Pelosi has spent $3 million of your taxes in her first nine months in office, 67% more than her predecessor, Dennis Hastert (a republican), spent during his first nine months as Speaker.

Included in that $3 million, Pelosi has spent:

1) Over $60,000 of your hard earned tax money on personal travel - a figure which doesn't even include her worthless frolicking to the Middle East and Europe.

2) $10,000 to a former Clinton White House speechwriter for one, single speech she delivered to the Israeli Knesset.

3) $20,000 to a lawyer to help her "transition" into her latest post as Speaker.

4) Over $2,400 to a makeup artist for her makeup during the week of her swearing in.

...all of which is your tax money. And remember, these are the same people who blew away your Social Security. And who think they can cheaply run nationalized health care.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, Merry Christmas: