Wrong Again!

on Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Do all of you remember about 6 months ago? Late Spring... when all of the global warming fanatics were ranting and raving about how warming sea temperatures and such were going to produce a devastating hurricane season. "Look out!" they preached, "We're going to have several more hurricane Katrinas this year alone, and that's just the beginning!"

Boy were they wrong! Actually "global warming" and "rising sea temperatures" have produced one of the slowest and weakest hurricane seasons on record. And I have data from a major university to back it up:

Check it out. Out of the last 30 years, only 3 of them have been less active than this current year so far. And we've only had ten total hurricanes since Katrina - and only 5 this year! So where are all those hurricane-obsessed global warming zealots now?...

(Cue chirping crickets sound bite)

Folks, this is getting out of hand. Even the moonbat media is preaching this stuff to you and your kids like it's a religion. Did anybody see the Cowboys-Eagles football game on NBC this past Sunday? Well they tried to go "green" that night during the halftime show by turning off all the lights in the studio as NBC pawn Bob Costas tried to do the show via candlelight. Here are some screenshots. (PS - Thanks again to HotAir for all this...)

Ok, so let's see. We have a HUGE 200 inch LCD screen running behind Costas, we have news diva Matt Lauer standing in some remote arctic location doused in hundreds of square feet of bright artificial light (which requires electricity), we have powerful heaters keeping the crews warm and camera equipment running at an operable temperature, we have tons of electricity being used to run the cameras and other sound and communication equipment, we have candle smoke polluting the air in the studio, and to top it all off, NBC burned full tanks of jet fuel to fly Lauer and the camera crews/equipment to the remote location. Yup, turning all of those studio lights off really saved one heck of a lot of energy, NBC. Way to be green! How pathetic...

Look, I'm all for recycling and turning off lights when you leave the room to save power and such, but can you see how this global warming thing is all just a fad? NBC obviously isn't concerned about trying to save power. They're just pandering to the left in an effort to be "popular, dude."

Besides, is this crusade to stop something we can't fully control even worth the cost? Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to help curb the human-caused global warming "crisis."

Meanwhile, the Democrats in Washington are whining that they don't have the hundreds of millions of dollars they need in order to provide health care to children. Hmm, I wonder where they could get that money from...