Red Flag Alert

on Tuesday, November 6, 2007

In doing my normal rounds of political news reading this morning, I stumbled across a nice gem of info. Folks, this has just been a bad week for Hillary and if ever there was a red flag warning us of the secrecy and corruption to come if Hillary becomes president, it's this. Here's the latest news headline:

"Hillary's Secret 1990s campaign papers won't be available to the public until 2009, long after elections have passed."

Now why would she do that? What has she got to hide?

So what do those papers contain anyway? Well, a friend of the Clintons was allowed to interview close to 130 Clinton campaign aides back in the 1990s and her notes from those interviews filled 4 ginormous binders of juicy info. But the library that houses the papers states that they can't be released because "they are still being processed." Folks, that's a blatant lie. In the library's 2005-2006 annual libraries report, the library put on record that the documents are "nearing completion." And the leading archivist of the project implied in 2006 that the project was finished.

And now for some undisclosed reason, they say that the documents won't be completed until 2009. Something's fishy here.

Does anybody find this to be coincidence?? Here are the facts: Hillary keeps ranting and raving about her "experience" in government matters during her vacation in the White House - and yet actual written records of her actions in D.C. won't be released until after the election. And not just the papers I mentioned above, but 77 million pages worth and 20 million emails worth of documents from the Clinton era have never been released to the public. Now why would that be? Maybe because she doesn't want you to know that she failed at virtually EVERY project she headed up during her husband's tenure as President. Or maybe she doesn't want you to find out that she, in fact, has ZERO leadership experience in an executive setting. Maybe she doesn't want you to see that her original health care plan failed miserably, or that the Clinton's campaign was so corrupt that 73 House and Senate witnesses have pled the 5th Amendment and 17 witnesses actually have fled the country to avoid testifying about the Clinton's and other Democratic campaign fundraising.

Whatever the reason, this should be a huge red flag warning you to stay away from Hillary's campaign of corruption. She is trying to hide documents that will expose her for what she really is: a corrupt, inexperienced, lying politician bent on doing whatever it takes - regardless of how shady or illegal it may be - just to make it into office so she can raise your taxes, squash your freedoms, and ruin your life.