Headline Haven

on Sunday, November 11, 2007

Here are the top headlines from the weekend:

Hillary Clinton's Phony Q&A Session - This past week, the Clinton crew was in Iowa trying to muster up support for her heavily damaged campaign. As is common in many campaign speeches, Hillary took a handful of questions from the audience following her usual bland rhetorical sermon. One of the questions posed to Clinton: What would you (Clinton) do to stop the effects of global warming?

A fair question, but many have asked... was the question even real?? According to college student, Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff, the questions were planted. “They were canned,” she said. Before the event began, a Clinton staff member approached Gallo-Chasanoff to ask a specific question after Clinton’s speech. “One of the senior staffers told me what [to ask].” So Muriel simply did what they told her to and asked the dumb global warming question as Clinton's staffers gave hand signals to Hillary so she'd know who to call on.

When asked about the student's accusation, Mark Daley, Clinton’s Iowa Communications Director, responded by saying, “It’s not a practice of our campaign to ask people to ask specific questions,” and further denied that audience members are given specific questions.

But when directly asked if his statements meant that planting does not occur in the Hillary campaign, Daley said that they don't occur “to the best of my knowledge.”

Ah but alas, as is common with the Clinton's shrouded campaign of lies, Hillary's campaign spokesman Mo Elliethee later admitted that the campaign had indeed lied and had, in fact, planted the question. Crooked.

UPDATE: The evidence has been found! Here is a screenshot of the girl who asked the question winking and smiling as she gives the microphone back to the Clinton aide. Conicidence??:

A second student has also come forward claiming that he was a Clinton plant as well - Story still developing...

Multi-Millionaire Hillary Hates Little, Poor Women - Hillary - the self-proclaimed spokeswoman of the struggling, working-class woman in America - stopped off at a diner for breakfast during her same tour in Iowa... and then stiffed the struggling, working-class waitress by not leaving a tip. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How Rude!"

John Edwards Gets Boo-ed Off Stage - At a recent John Mellencamp concert, the singer talked to the crowd about how his generation had failed to accomplish many of the things they’d set out to do — you know, good and noble things like legalize marijuana and such... Shortly thereafter, Mellencamp motions for John Edwards to take the stage. According to a link I found through HotAir, Edwards addressed the audience amid several boos and then was forced to shut his mouth and step aside as the boo-ing continued. In the words of one fan at the concert: "The crowd is mostly booing at this point. 'I came for a concert,' one man behind me yelled. 'Refund. Refund,' another chanted a few rows back... Edwards stood on the darkened edge of the stage until the song was over, then exited. Mellencamp didn’t say anything at the song’s end, and there was a swell of chatter among the audience members [as Edwards exited in embarrasment amid several bras skewn across the stage]. Ouch.