Most Democrats Would Rather You Die than Say Something

on Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Democratic Party is more worried about being politically correct than they are about you staying alive.

For instance, several months ago a store clerk at a Circuit City store was concerned when a group of men (who came to be known as the Fort Dix six) brought an 8mm tape to be converted to DVD format. The tape showed close to a dozen men shooting weapons and shouting the takbir, Allahu Akbar. When the clerk reported the suspicious information to the FBI, thousands of critics, mostly on the left, slammed the clerk stating that he was racist and "Islamophobic" and should have just kept his mouth shut. Our friends at CAIR condemned both the clerk, as well as the media, for linking the thwarted attack on Fort Dix with the Islam religion...

But wait a minute, weren't these men shouting Islamic prayers and referencing both Allah and phrases from the Qur'an? How is this not connected to Islam?

Other groups like the ACLU, the Muslim American Society, the American branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Sharpton, and scores in the Democratic Party have criticized and even threatened the clerk.

For what?!?! He saw a bunch of guys doing something suspicious and reported it... AND IT TURNS OUT THAT HE WAS RIGHT TO DO SO!!

In the same mode, last year the "Flying Imams" were arrested on suspicion of plotting a terror attack on an airplane. Before boarding, an Arabic-speaking female passenger heard the Imams repeatedly invoke “Bin Laden,” and “terrorism,” and then reportedly told the gate attendant that she (the Arabic-speaking woman) did not want to fly on that plane anymore. In addition, the men began chanting several Jihadist prayers and asked for suspicious items once boarding the plane (e.g. seatbelt extenders, regardless of the fact that these men didn't need them). The flight attendants also reported that the men refused to sit in their assigned seats, but rather in pairs at the front, middle, and back of the plane. Witnesses also state that several of the men only bought one-way tickets and checked no baggage. The Imams, who were kicked off the plane, have blatantly defied these allegations...

You know, I feel pretty safe to say that, regardless of whether or not you support Bush's terror policy, I think that all of us would be worried if we were sitting on an airplane with all that going on.

But no-ooo-ooo... Instead, the same groups listed above, as well as the NAACP, publicly support the "John Doe" lawsuit in which the Imams are suing some of the passengers for "discrimination." In fact, CAIR is even helping to provide the Imams with legal council.

After months of deliberation, Representative Steve Pearce (a Republican, mind you) introduced a bill that ultimately was written into a homeland security bill that would protect citizens like you and I from being sued after reporting suspicious behavior.

So who voted against the bill that would protect you and I? Check out the 'NAY' votes from the Senate roll call vote on the John Doe amendment:

Count 'em: 39 Democrats ALL voting in favor of terrorist plotting, instead of protecting you and I. Notice, not one Republican voted in favor of groups like the Fort Dix six or the Flying Imams - only Democrats.

Nice to know the Dems are looking out for you, isn't it?