Jobs Americans Won't Badly as Illegal Immigrants, that is

on Tuesday, August 7, 2007

An interesting bit of light has been shed on the bridge collapse this past week. Normally I try diligently to avoid fueling the media's facination with always trying to pin the blame on somebody whenever tragedy strikes, but this info is just too good to pass up:

So just who is building our bridges?...

Answer: Tarrasco Steel

You may ask, "So what does that have to do with anything?" Well it just so happens that the owner of this company has been arrested and charged with hiring illegal immigrants on bridge projects that they (Tarrasco) have done in several states. At least 26 illegal immigrants have been arrested for providing fake social security numbers to Tarrasco. Several of these men had either improper, false, or no welding certifications at all!

So a warm thank you goes out to all those who support illegal immigration! Your "bi-partisan, open-borders policy" has endagered - and even taken - the lives of many Americans.


Justin said...

Hey Wow! You figured out why that bridge fell down, and you did it all the way from Utah. Congratulations! You're an idiot.

Mike said...


What are you, like twelve?

Well you should feel proud, because you just posted the stupidest and most immature comment this blog has ever seen!

(By the way, the "congratulations, you're an idiot" line sounds so original - did you come up with that all by yourself?)

Did I ever say I figured out why the bridge fell? No... All I said was that some American bridges are being built by illegal aliens who don't hold proper welding certificates. Did you even read the posting?

Next time, try to avoid red herrings and ad hominem approaches (they make you sound like an ignorant fool)

PS - I have your IP address; you're no closer to the bridge than I am