Why Pelosi Won’t Call for the Impeachment of Bush

on Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cindy Sheehan has lost it!

No, no... not her mind (she lost that years ago), I’m talking about her support from much of the left. Several days ago, Sheehan threatened Speaker of the House Pelosi stating that, if Pelosi doesn’t formally endorse the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney, then she (Sheehan) will announce her candidacy to challenge Speaker Nancy Pelosi to represent the 8th District of California. So far, she hasn’t followed through with the threat…

Wow! It’s almost as if Sheehan thinks that she is the head of her own political party! In fact, her comments were so out of line that one of America’s leading left-wing blogs (The Daily Kos) actually banned her from posting any further on their website. Their words to Sheehan: “Sadly, and respectfully, it’s you who have changed, not us…” and continued by stating that “[we] can’t support your misguided effort here - and in particular after [we] see the superiority and condescension of your statement today.”


Sheehan apparently offered her ‘resignation’ from Kos in a statement which you can read here:

Now, here’s why Pelosi won’t formally call for the impeachment that Sheehan so desperately wants. Sometimes people forget that, as Speaker of the House, Pelosi is third in line for the oval office… If Bush and Cheney were impeached and ultimately removed from office, Pelosi would technically be President of the United States of America and, quite arguably, the most powerful woman in the world! Calling for impeachment would only show that Pelosi is power-hungry and, therefore, she would become the laughingstock of every late night TV show, not to mention the focus of almost every political blog in America. Even the liberal media would have a heyday with this one!

Pelosi is smarter than this (it took every fiber of my soul NOT to insert an intelligence joke here…). She knows that she can’t call for impeachment by herself, but rather that she should be the absolute LAST one to join the parade. Unfortunately for her, by the time the liberals in power get their act together, Bush’s term will be up anyway.

Trust me, Pelosi won’t call for impeachment. So you can all stop calling for it.