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on Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lately I have received several e-mails from people asking that I write about the following topics:

Gasoline prices. Done (weeks ago, I might add). Click here -

Immigration. Also done (2 postings actually). Here are the links -

Global Warming. Yet again, it's already been done. Read here -

A few more things I'd like to add on global warming (but be sure to read the original post first):

Just yesterday, Argentina experienced the first snowfall it's received since 1918. While driving home from work, I switched over to a radio NPR affiliate (for fun, I guess) and heard a man say that this proves global warming.


Since when does record snowfall prove that the earth is getting warmer?! I love how liberals use any sort of temperature change to defend global warming. If it gets hot, it must mean global warming. If it gets cold, it must mean global warming. If it rains... yada yada yada. The NPR caller continued in his uninformed tirade saying that the current warm weather proves that we (humans) are causing global warming... Guess what, caller, you know what the recent warm weather proves? - it proves that it's SUMMER! It gets hot in July, people...

One of the aforementioned e-mails I received came from some paranoid soul stating that global warming will cause Greenland to melt, which will flood the entire earth, destroying all civilization. Well it just so happens that a report issued from NASA just a few days ago showed DNA and satellite evidence confirming that, buried beneath Greenland's two-kilometer-thick ice sheet, lay the remains of a once warm climate. The report shows findings of "trees, plants and insects of a boreal forest estimated to be between 450,000 and 800,000 years old" (which is a relatively recent era in terms of scientific dating). NASA also stated that, at this point, the ocean was, in fact, several meters higher than it is now - proof that would debunk any 'ocean rising' theory. After all, how could Greenland be covered with vegetation and insect life if the ice now covering it was melted (which should destroy all life, right caller)? You can hang up the phone now.

In fact, as I already mentioned in my first global warming post, recent reports show that 90% of the earth's glaciers are actually expanding! See this link (and be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom):

Also, the picture at the top of this article is of a construction crane buried in the ice of Antarctica. The towers of the crane are 115 feet tall, yet you can only see the top 30 feet. That crane has only been there since the 60s and look how fast the ice has already crept up on it! And remember the orignial south pole research station?... That's buried too! You still think all of the glaciers are melting?

And just this past weekend Al Gore's Live Earth concert was, again, taking place. Interestingly, a British newspaper did some research and found some surprising details: The private jets that were used to transport Al Gore as well as the numerous scores of musicians performing at this concert, the trucks used to move the musical equipment and stages, the thousands of cars used by those who drove to attend the concert, etc... - all of these factors combined produced 250,000 tons of greenhouse gases, and that was just in one weekend by Al Gore and his cronies who were supposed to be protecting the environment! Al Gore defended this by saying that the purpose of this concert was to raise awareness. Who here had never heard of global warming until Al Gore did his concert last weekend? Anybody?

You're full of it, Al.


Anonymous said...

You'll bump this comment off too but as long as you know that your blog sucks than I'm happy.

Mike said...

Once again, let me use this as an opportunity to say that this blog is not a place for hatred and animosity, but rather a front for the expression of meaningful ideas. I’m not above criticism, but spiteful comments are not welcome. So one more time I will repeat, if you have something meaningful to say, then say it. But if not, don't pepper my blog with weak arguments and personal attacks. They will be deleted as they show nothing but ignorance from the writer, especially from those too cowardly to use any other name than ‘anonymous’ or those who don’t know when to use ‘then’ instead of ‘than’