Start Taking Spanish Lessons

on Sunday, June 17, 2007

**As usual, I don't post my sources in order to avoid peppering my blog with numerous footnotes. If anybody wants to see my sources, let me know and I'll send 'em your way**

The other day as I was talking to my mom, she mentioned that she was at Costco earlier that day and the 2 ladies in front of her were speaking Spanish and the 2 people behind her were speaking Spanish as well. As I left work that night I was taking the elevator upstairs to the parking lot. All 5 people in the elevator (besides me) were speaking Spanish. When I got home and turned on the TV there was an ad for some anti-tobacco campaign and the entire ad was in Spanish! I lay in bed that night wondering if I accidentally made my way into Mexico without knowing it. That's when I decided I needed to say something about illegal immigration.

Let me begin by saying, I am so furious with President Bush and his atrocious plan on immigration. Normally I back Mr. Bush, but this time he is way out of line. This plan is supposed to help the economy and be fair to all involved, but the proposed outcomes of this "amnesty" deal are ambiguous. Allow me to explain why:

First, the facts
1) There are currently an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living here in the U.S.
2) By 2010 (that's only 2 1/2 years from now) 14% of the total population in America will be illegal aliens
3) Illegal immigrants are 2.5 times more illiterate than U.S. citizens
4) Over 12% of Mexico's entire population lives here in the United States
5) Over 5 million illegal aliens have crossed our border since 9/11 (way to secure our borders, Washington!)
6) 8,200 illegal immigrants will cross our border today alone. Airborne surveillance reports that this may be as high as 10,000 per day. That's 1 every 8 seconds!
7) 22 states issue driver's licences to illegal aliens, yet none of these states report them to federal agencies
8) It is actually illegal for the IRS to report known illegal immigrants to any government agency! That's right, it is illegal for the government to report to itself anything concerning illegal immigrants. How messed up it that?!

I will never forget the sight on the news a few months ago showing hundreds of high school students walking out of class and marching to capitol hill in Salt Lake waving Mexican flags and shouting, "Viva Mexico!" There you go, kids... nothing says you want to be Americans more than waving a Mexican flag and shouting in Spanish. How pathetic. And just this past week an illegal immigrant filed a discriminatory lawsuit against the city of New York for 100 million dollars! Apparently the person wasn't given the same job opportunities as a U.S. citizen. Now, does anybody find it odd that this person was discriminated against? I don't. I hope that person gets deported for wasting everybody's time and tax money for bringing up such a frivolous lawsuit. Maybe these people just don't get it... they aren't American citizens! THEY DON'T HAVE RIGHTS!! So please stop marching our streets and entering our courtrooms and demanding them.

The costs of illegal immigration to the taxpayer are numerous, but the largest costs are education of their children, emergency medical care, and incarceration for those arrested for crimes. Despite being ineligible, some illegal aliens also get welfare the same way they get jobs: with identity documents falsely identifying them as U.S. citizens. In addition, if they have U.S.-born children, they may collect welfare assistance in the name of those children. The annual net cost of illegal immigrants to the American taxpayer is likely to be more than $45 billion this year!

Many who know me know that I work in the University Hospital Emergency Room. Every day we have illegal aliens come in for treatment and we have to treat them because it's the law. Guess how many of these illegal immigrants have insurance - - - ZERO! That means you and I get to pay their medical expenses. Whoop-de-doo!

I took a public speaking class in college a while back and remember a girl who was speaking on illegal immigration. She supported it by stating that they help the economy by paying taxes. I couldn't resist challenging this so I raised my hand and asked just how they pay taxes. She responded by saying that they pay gasoline tax when they pay for gas and food tax when they buy food at the store... Umm, what?!? Are you serious? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. What an ignorant and weak argument.

Check this out: When a pregnant immigrant woman arrives in the U.S. and has a child here, automatically she and all of her immediate family are eligible for legal status. The child becomes known as an "anchor baby." Naturally, as soon as the mother arrived she was eligible for emergency medical services, Medicaid, etc.., and as soon as her family catches up with her they become eligible. They love to take our money, but refuse to pay taxes themselves!

In September 2006, Congress passed a bill to build 700 miles of fencing along the Mexico border. It's been almost 10 months and guess how much of that fence is built... none of it! All these politicians do is talk and it makes me so mad. Every day they stand up and say we need to control our borders, but they never actually do it!! They've funded the darn fence, why don't they just build it already? In fact, while speaking about the fence, did you know that Mexico's southern border is strictly patrolled with men carrying assault rifles? Yet, when congress funded the U.S./Mexico fence, Mexico's president called George Bush directly to whine and complain and say how unfair it is. Talk about hypocrisy! He shoots assault rifle bullets at people who try to cross his border, but gets mad at us when we similarly attempt to control our border.

During the week of September 20, 2003, illegal immigrants organized a convoy of buses in California for a cross-country protest trip against "unfair" treatment by the U.S. Their demand: complete and unconditional amnesty! The Border Patrol stopped the convoy in Texas and went through the buses asking for I.D.'s but the riders (illegals) refused to show any documentation. When the Border Patrol asked for the authority to make arrest, Washington, D.C. ordered the agents to let the convoy continue the trip. By the way, who's to say that a terrorist wasn't on that bus?...

On the note of terrorism, I learned something interesting yesterday. There is a niche of land that juts out on the northern border of Minnesota. That small piece of land sticks out up into Canada right on the Manitoba/Ontario border. At the American border checkpoint at this spot there is a small, unmanned shack which serves as the U.S. immigrations inspector checkpoint. Inside the shack is a video phone that only sometimes works. All crossing the American border at this spot are supposed to stop in, activate the phone, and show their passport to an agent 30 miles away. Yet local sheriffs report that less than 30% actually stop, while the other 70% just drive right past the shack and into our country. Intelligence reports that numerous terrorists have used this spot to enter our country. How scary is that?! When are these politicians going to stop the rhetoric and actually DO something to control our borders? Now, I admit that it is impossible to fully eradicate illegal immigration, but 12+ million illegal aliens shows that we have lost control of our own borders.

Let me finish by saying that I SUPPORT IMMIGRATION! Many may not know this about me, but both of my parents emigrated here with their families (my father from Canada and my mother from Scotland). That's right, my parents were not born in America. So again I say, I support immigration, but I only support LEGAL immigration. My parents and their families did it the right way by waiting in line, filling out the necessary documentation, undergoing background checks, paying all of their taxes, and even taking a test on American history just to enter this country. Meanwhile others are skipping to the front of the line... and our government is actually trying to reward them for breaking our laws, marching in our streets, and spitting on our constitution. Do not let our government award these criminals by giving them free amnesty and citizenship! It's just wrong.


Amber Marie said...

Mike, I didn't read your entire entry because my eyes start hurting when reading the computer screen that long...however I had to comment because if your experiences in Utah frustrate you a day in south Texas would send you over the top. The billboards are all in Spanish- as in no English and people at the stores speak to you in Spanish assuming you can pick up enough to get by- I've had people get mad AT ME for not understanding Spanish! Cool site.

mike said...

I couldn't imagine. It's too bad when people get mad at you for speaking English even though you're in America. If they don't hurry and make english the official language soon, we'll all have to start learning Spanish.

Eric said...

Although many valid points you make, I have to add a few points. These illegal immigrants are just trying to do what all of our ancestors have done. I'm sure if the Native Americans had a legal system we all would have arrived here illegally. Unfortunately most of them cannot immigrate legally because they don't have enough money. If all illegal immigrants were kicked out, what would happen to our farms? Sorry to say it, but they are the only ones willing to work in the fields. Our economy would hurt in those regards. What we need to do is give them incentive to PAY taxes since they are going to be here no matter what. Me personally, I like that we have such a diverse country with people speaking all sorts of languages and sharing all sorts of cultures.

Mike said...

Eric, read my posting above called 'More on Illegal Immigration' which you can read at the following link:


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to "love one another?"

Mike said...

That's true, The Lord did say that we should love one another... but He also said "if ye love ME, keep my commandments." Let's review some of those commandments, shall we?.. The Lord said "thou shalt not bear false witness" (illegally entering this country isn't honest, is it). In the New Testament Christ says "render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s" (illegals generally don't pay taxes, do they). Paul counseled that ALL men should "be subject to principalities and powers [and] to obey magistrates" ('nuff said).

Look, I never said we shouldn't 'love' illegals, only that they should respect our laws. Do you disagree?